Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the immigration lawyer vs an accredited specialist lawyer?

A: Our law firm is led by an accredited specialist immigration lawyer by the law society of NSW. Out of 70 thousand lawyers there are less than 100 accredited specialists immigration lawyer by the law society of the various states. It is illegal in Australia for a lawyer to claim to be a specialist in an area of law without undertaking the law society accreditation exams. 

Q: Who is the immigration lawyer vs a migration agent?

In Australia, there are two primary professionals who can assist individuals with their immigration matters: migration agents and lawyers. While both migration agents and lawyers can provide immigration advice and assistance, there are some important differences between the two. Lawyers must have a law degree, are regulated by the law society with very strict rules and must work under the supervision of another lawyer for another two years before practicing on their own.  Migration agents also cannot represent clients in courts. For complex matters, a lawyer might be better suited to advise on your matter. Their expertise and dedication ensure that you receive the highest level of legal guidance and representation for your immigration matters.

Q: What services does your immigration law firm offer?

A: Our immigration law firm offers a wide range of services to individuals and businesses. These include visa and immigration applications, appeals and administrative reviews, family and spousal sponsorships, citizenship applications, immigration compliance assistance, and more. We provide comprehensive legal support throughout the immigration process.

For the services we offer, visit our services page here.

Q: How successful is your immigration law firm?

A: We take pride in our professional manner in handling immigration cases. Our accredited specialist immigration lawyer and legal team have achieved favorable outcomes for numerous clients, helping them navigate complex immigration laws and regulations. We work diligently to maximize the chances of success for each client’s immigration matter.

Q: What sets your immigration law firm apart from others?

A: Our immigration law firm stands out due to the unique combination of factors. Firstly, our leadership by our multi award winning and Forbes listed accredited specialist immigration lawyer ensures a high level of expertise and specialization in immigration law. Additionally, our commitment to providing personalized attention, tailored strategies, innovative/ technological tools and transparent communication distinguishes us from others. We understand the significance of your immigration journey and strive to provide exceptional legal services.

Q: How can I schedule a consultation with your immigration lawyer?

A: Scheduling a consultation with our immigration lawyer is simple. You can contact our firm through the website or by calling our provided phone number on +61 2 7908 4618.

You can also book a full strategy consultation from this link.

Our dedicated staff will assist you in setting up a consultation at a convenient time. During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your immigration concerns and receive personalized legal advice.

Q: Do you I have to come to your office for the consultation?

A: No matter your location or how busy your schedule is, we conveniently conduct all our consultations over the phone or via video calls. 

Q: How much is your initial consultation?

A: Our strategy initial consultation is $350 and we charge a $1 booking fee at the time of booking. We may also be able to offer a free 10 mins no obligation chat (if you qualify) prior to booking a full strategy consultation. 

Q: What information should I bring to the initial consultation?

A: It is helpful to send us any relevant documents related to your immigration matter prior to your strategy initial consultation. This may include passports, visas, employment contracts, family documents, or any other supporting materials. By providing comprehensive information, our immigration lawyer can better understand your situation and provide you with tailored legal guidance.

Q: How long does the immigration process typically take?

A: The duration of the immigration process can vary depending on several factors, including the type of application, the complexity of the case, and the workload of immigration authorities. While we cannot provide an exact timeframe, our immigration lawyer will give you an estimate based on their experience and knowledge of the current immigration system.

Q: What are the fees associated with hiring an immigration lawyer?

A: Our firm offers competitive and transparent fee structures for our immigration services. The exact fees can vary depending on the complexity of your case and the services required. During the initial consultation, our immigration lawyer will discuss the fees and provide you with a clear understanding of the cost involved. We prioritize transparency and aim to provide you with exceptional value for the legal services we offer.

Q: Can your immigration law firm help with immigration issues in countries other than Australia?

A: Our primary focus is on immigration matters within Australia. We are also ony licensed in immigration matters within Australia. We prioritize delivering specialized services within our jurisdiction to ensure the highest level of expertise and knowledge.

Q: Can your immigration law firm handle urgent immigration matters?

A: Yes, we understand that some immigration matters require urgent attention and in fact we specialise in complex and urgent cases. Our accredited specialist immigration lawyer and dedicated staff are prepared to address urgent cases to the best of their ability. If you have an urgent immigration matter, please contact us immediately, and we will make every effort to assist you promptly.

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